1 lesson (2 hours)35€
2 lesson (4 hours)70€
3 lesson (6 hours)90€
4 lesson (8 hours)110€
5 lesson (10 hours)130€
10 lesson (20 hours)230€
15 lesson (30 hours)330€
20 lesson (40 hours)€430

2 hour private lesson

1 Person80
2 Person120


Our courses have a duration of 2 hours and during the whole time you will be directed and supervised by the members of the Totora Surf School team, qualified and experienced staff.

 Our courses include:
  • All the necessary material for the practice. New material with the quality of leading brands in the sector. Wide range of boards.
  • R.C. insurance.
  • Groups separated by age and level.
  • Dressing room service.

The surf lessons are at La Concha beach, in front of the school:

    No. of children from 6 to 12 years old:

    No. of adults:

    Day the activity ends (day/month/year):

    Start day of the activity (day/month/year):

    Select the course you wish to book:

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    Clases de surf para grupo de adultos en Suances, cantabria. Totora Surf School
    Cursos de Surf en suances, cantabria, Totora Surf School
    Clases de surf para adultos en Suances, Cantabria. Totora Surf School